Actuarial Consulting Firm Specializing in Retirement Plan Design

We help corporations and governments with the design and cost analysis of their defined benefit (pension) plans.

We look for innovative plan designs that can help you lower both your risk exposure and your long-term cost.

Our ultimate goal is to promote retirement income security among the general public.

Why Actuarial Consulting?

There are many uncertain future events that determine the amount of an employee's pension, how long it will be paid for, and what its value is today.

Pension plans can be very expensive to employers, and so can be their cost analysis. The cost analysis of these uncertain events is performed by highly specialized professionals called "actuaries". It takes on average close to seven years of rigorous exams to become a fully-qualified actuary, and that's among those few who make it all the way. Brilliant as they may be, they are also tremendously expensive and a single run of their analysis may take hours just to process on a very fast computer. This is where we come in.

How can we help?

Using our proprietary ultra-optimized actuarial valuation system, we can help you evaluate a wide range of plan design options, both defined benefit and defined contribution, at a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting firms, at the same or higher quality and depth.

Our analysis is performed in collaboration with your plan actuary. In fact, we usually offer a low cost, non-competitive peer review of their official valuation report. Our interest is in complementing their work with our technology, not in competing with them. In the process, we also bring creative new perspectives on the issues at hand.

Stefan Mihaylov Founder and CEO

About Us

MyVal Center is a for-profit limited liability company based in San Francisco, California. Our mission is to promote a more pro-active approach to the challenges facing retirement plan sponsors. We help decision makers better understand the current and future financial implications of their retirement plans. We facilitate the flow of ideas and encourage an informed discussion of alternative solutions.

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